The Stacks project


Here we collect some metrics regarding the Stacks project. If you have a suggestion for an interesting metric, please get in touch.

Breakdown of tags per type

There are 20134 tags in total.

type count
definition 1672
example 420
exercise 366
lemma 11728
proposition 303
remark 934
remarks 5
situation 116
theorem 206
part 9
chapter 114
section 3126
subsection 36

Record-breaking tags

metric tag value
most complex tag 0E9C 6646 in dependency graph
most used tag 00E0 6808 tags (indirectly) build on this
most referenced tag 00DV 119 tags reference this tag
longest proof 07FJ 18684 characters long (in HTML)

Other statistics

metric value
number of slogans 229
number of references 239
number of historical remarks 3
number of comments 5480