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Remark 90.16.9. We say that a functor $F: \mathcal{C}_\Lambda \to \textit{Sets}$ is a deformation functor if the associated cofibered set is a deformation category, i.e. if $F(k)$ is a one element set and $F$ satisfies (RS). If $\mathcal{F}$ is a deformation category, then $\overline{\mathcal{F}}$ is a predeformation functor but not necessarily a deformation functor, as Lemma 90.16.7 shows.

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Comment #188 by Yuhao Huang on

One feature suggestion:

One click copy to pasteboard for the citation.

Something to the effect of echo "\cite[\href{}{Tag 06JA}]{stacks-project} | pbcopy" in command line.

For example, Github did this near the git address of every project, it is done by flash.

See a screenshot here:

(Is there a general place for feature suggestion? this one doesn't specifically belong to this tag.)

Comment #189 by on

@#188: Thanks! We are working on this.

The correct way to leave general comments on the look and usability of the Stacks project website is to go to the github repository of the stacks website development and open an issue. You can label it a suggestion. You could try this now with what you wrote above... This may require you to have a github account, so if that is too much of a bother, then you can just do what you did, or leave a comment on the blog.

Comment #190 by Yuhao Huang on

Somehow the stacks project on github doesn't allow submit issues.

See screenshot: (stacks proj) and (other proj, with issues allowed.)

You see, issues and wiki is missing for the stacks project.

Comment #191 by on

That is because the repository for the project and the website are different. To create issues concerning the website, you need to use stacks-website.

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